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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Basically, in my life, my friends are the best thing I have.
I truly don't have many friends anymore.
I have very few compared to the amount I used to have.
However, the few that I have, I'd probably be a horrible person without them.
Granted, in the past three or so years, I went from being friends with all girls and all of my friends being relatively quiet.
Now, my friends are about half and half guys and girls.
I don't agree with a lot of my friends' choices but I know one thing I agree with.
Their sense of humor, their love for each other, the constant laughs, the most random times of hanging out, and their general love for just being together.
I have the greatest friends in the world in my opinion and recently, I've been more concerned with the amount of friends than the quality.
I've been like that for a few years actually.
But now, I think I'm finally realizing that though I don't have many friends, I have the best ones for me.
Friends are the biggest blessing in our lives and I am forever thankful for all of them.