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Friday, March 30, 2012

Frivolous Friday!

How I treat myself?

Well, usually it's a little something like this::
Check recent statuses, post a status, creep on best friends/boyfriend.
Then once that gets boring,
I read a bazillion tweets, and retweet quite a few of them.
I check up on recent posts, see if I have waiting-to-be-approved comments, enter giveaways...
Most of this will be while listening to music, such as my favorite band...
Which I love oh-so-very-much.
And then, I'd probably sit there and play around with my pictures (:
I <3 Photoshop! :D

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High Five For Friday- Winterjam!

High Five for Friday!  --  post-Winterjam edition ;-)
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1. Building 429.<3 They played Where I Belong-- my jam. ;-)
2. Newsong.<3 I don't like the song 'Arise My Love' but they are so amazing live that I actually liked it. And they played 'The Same God' :D

3. Kari Jobe.<3 She played Revelation Song (in my opinion, one of the greatest worship songs!!)
4. Sanctus Real.<3 They are great. His voice live is...<3. 'The Redeemer' was played. Brooke's day was made. (haha, that rhymed :D)
5. And, of course, last, but never least:: Skillet! This is the only band I know that could have tons of people head-banging and jumping up and down, then, a minute later, in tears. (btw-- the tears were b/c of 'The Last Night') They played about 8 or so songs-- and I knew all of them and was screaming the lyrics (surprisingly, I still have my voice today!!):: Whispers in the Dark, Those Nights, The Last Night, Awake and Alive, Hero, Comatose, Monster, and Rebirth. I love them!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winterjam 2012.

That, my lovely followers, is going to be my entire day after school.
School ends,
Me, Steven, Tyler, and Dusty are getting picked up by my mom,
We're stopping at home,
and then going up to EMU.

Don't know what Winterjam is??
Well, either check out their website,, or I can explain it!
It's a Christian music concert, 10 bands, 10 dollars.
And it's tonight.

The bands?
We As Human
Popluar Song:: I Stand.
For King and Country
Popular Song:: Busted Heart.
Dara Maclean
Popular Songs:: Free; Suitcases.
Group 1 Crew
Popular Songs:: Forgive Me; Live It Up.
Building 429
Popular Songs:: Where I Belong; Listen to the Sound.
Kari Jobe
Popular Songs:: We Are; Revelation Song.
Peter Furler
Popular Songs:: Reach; I'm Alive.
Sanctus Real
Popular Songs:: Forgiven; Lead Me; Redeemer.
Popular Songs:: The Same God; The Way You Smile; When God Made You.

Andddd.... *drumrolllllll*
Popular Songs:: Monster; Comatose; Awake and Alive; Hero.

Can you tell I'm excited??
Do you SEE this?!
I. Cannot. Wait.
Like, seriously.
I'm so excited.
Skillet is one of my top favorite bands. :-)

Love you all!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Old friends.

This one's gunna be a post about my life-- not clothes.

So lately, I've really been thinking about my old friends, and how many I've lost.
Another thing? How to get them back.

I miss my friends.
I really, really miss them.

Which is why when I got a comment on a status on Facebook from an old best friend, it made my day. This girl and me, we were inseperable. No joke. We did everything together. We knew everything about each other. She's the one who brought me to youth group for the first time. At one point, my mom was considering letting her live with us (which is huge because my mom would never let that happen).

So anyways, we texted for another three hours.
And she's said that the only way we'll be friends is if I apologize, in person.
Which I've refused to do for months. I just don't do that.

I asked her to wait for me after fourth hour today.
So I can apologize.
This is big, guys.
I don't do this.
But I miss her, more than most of the other friends I've lost.
So I'm doing it, regardless of what I've done in the past.

Friday, March 16, 2012

High Five For Friday!

High Five For Friday, anyone? :-)
Here's mine:: finding these totally cute five things from Delia's!
Lucy Banded Dolman
Olivia Low-Rise Jegging Light Wash
Candice Wedge
Black Wayfarer
Underwire Retro Balconet Top & Ruched Top Hipster
Ta-daaa! :D

Link-up to Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top ten store items.

I know I already posted today, but I always link-up to Top Ten Tuesday @ Many Little Blessings.

My post today:: Top ten cutest items I find on store websites.

1. A tee:


2. A hoodie:

3. A dress:

4. A skirt:
5. A pair of shorts:
6. A pair of jeans:
7. A pair of heels:
8. A pair of flip-flops:
9. A purse:
10. A belt:

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Oh my gosh, KayleeBeth, you are AWESOME!! I LOVE my blog design! :-) It's gorgeous.
Do you like the new look?!

Oh, and I have buttons now!! :-)
Would you be a wonderful person & put one on your blog, please?

Anyways, I love my mom. We went to Aeropostale yesterday and I tried on a dress & it was super cute, and while I was changing back into my clothes, she bought it for me!! Wanna see it? :-)

I <3 my dress.

I also really wanted this one::
They have such cute dresses.
Any other stores that have cute dresses?!

Know what else they have that's cute? Flip-flops. ;)
I typically don't like floral, but I have to say, my dress and these flip-flops are super cute!!

And I have a ton of their old stuff that only says 'Aero' or 'Aeropostale' across it, but I have to say, I'm loving the new shirts they have. They have a lot of graphic tees!! Here's a couple cute ones I found!


Oh dear, I'm turning into a fashion blogger... ;-)
I've realized that I like blogging about clothes a lot more, because it's easier, and I love clothes. Like, for real. I have so, so many. Most from Aeropostale or Hollister.

So you may be seeing more posts about clothes. :-)

Well, that's all for today. :-)

Love you all!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Blog changes!!

Well, as you can see, my blog is no longer 'intelligent ramblings,' and it is now 'this is me.'
Intelligent Ramblings just seemed too... I don't know.

But I also have a new blog design!!
If you're looking for a new blog designer, look no further than this page:: Blueberry Blog Designs.
KayleeBeth, from raining daisies, designed my blog, along with mine and my best friend's blog, You Matter Too, which is for people struggling with depression.
She's great, so go check out her blog, and maybe even get your blog redesigned by them. :-)

Love you all!

The outfit.

May I just say, I love my shirt. :-)
Clearly, no, that is not me. That is the shirt, but the picture is from Forever21's website. They have *such* cute clothes! :-)

And I absolutely *love* these::




That's all.
And might I add, my shirt, those shorts, and those shoes would be a SUPER cute outfit. ;-)

Since I'm shutting down my Song of the Day blog (, I will be posting a song title/artist linked to the lyrics at the bottom of my posts.
Today's Song of the Day:: Young, Wild, and Free ~ Wiz Khalifa

Love you all!

Monday, March 5, 2012

my wonderful weekend.

My loves<3
Casting Crowns
Matthew West
Royal Tailor
Lindsay McCaul
That. was. an. amazing. concert. <3

And may I just say, Lindsay McCaul will be the next Natalie Grant. ;-)

That is all. <3

Love you all!