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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

plans soon.

So this Friday, I'm excited. If you like Christian music, you should look up this concert:: Rock&Worship Roadshow! I'm so excited! :) These are my plans for Friday!!

Then next Saturday, is our Winterfest dance at school! :)

Then the next weekend is my birthday party!!!

Then in March is Dare2Share.

Thennn in June (the 14th-16th to be exact!) is my favorite one. BIG TICKET FESTIVAL <3

Yeah, so you see the excitement in this? :)

I'm. Freaking. Excited.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

my new obsession.

this band is literally my new obsession. they are amazing, and have some amazing songs!
the band is called Kill Paradise.
they have a lot of really good songs {Beautiful Colors, Radio Arcade, CandyLand Wedding, Fall From A Star, and Miracle}.

If you haven't heard them, you should listen to them!
I posted the lyrics to Fall From A Star on my Song of the Day blog here!

got any other cool, not as known bands? let me know! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


CONGRESS IS CONSIDERING A LAW THAT WOULD CENSOR THE WEB. While that might sound like a good thing...IT'S NOT! These proposed regulations could destroy businesses (like ebay, and Craigslist) and blogs (like mine and yours), social networks (like Facebook and Twitter), search engines (like Google), sites with valuable information (like Wikipedia -which is supporting the blackout today!

Seriously... if a child in your home were to sing a copyrighted song and you put it on your blog, according to these new regulations, you could be shut down or sued! These proposed regulations not only wouldn't keep piracy from happening - but it would destroy the internet as we know it! 

Please watch this video to understand the issue better - and then take action to help support the fight against this new legislation!

On the Tuesday 24th January 2012, the US Senate will vote on the internet censorship bill. Let's tell them VOTE NO!!

Sign the petition here:
Tell Congress: Don't Censor the Web

And if you want to go further and call your representative - you can start here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog Party!

Random Blog Party!

1. What is your favorite blog???
2. What is your favorite book (or one of your favorite books =)
3. Do you design your own blog or do you get someone to do it for you???
I designed my own, but I'm looking for someone to do mine. :)
4. What is your favorite chore???
5. How often do you blog???
 I try to everyday!
6. What is your favorite color???
Gray or pink. :)
7. What do you post about most???
Random life stuff.
8. How many Giveaways have you won???
3, but 2, I couldn't get online to claim it, and the other one never got to me. :(
9. What is your favorite movie???
10.Do you like Dogs or Cats better???
Cats! :)
11. What is your favorite song???
12. Say one random thing about youself
From Everyday Emma's blog! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"today's" post.

it says "today's" in quotes, because I already posted today, but that was my make-up for yesterday. :)

There are days when it's really hard to be friends with someone (and not kill them!). I've been there, I did that yesterday...and the entire week...okay, a couple months.

Anyways, moral of the story- don't just drop your friends. Talk to them about it. If that doesn't go well, maybe try taking a friendship break, and not talking for a period of time (a week, a few weeks, a month).

But if you have a good friend, don't let them go. You might really need them one day, and what would you do if they were gone then?

love, Brooke. <3

have you ever completely dropped a friend, then realized how much you really needed them?

Tomorrow's topic:: My Favorite Blogs. :)
*This maybe become a regular thing on my blogs!*

Monday, January 9, 2012

you matter too.

If you notice anything in italics, it'll be something for you to respond to. :-) Trying to get more feedback now. :-)

so I'm thinking that I love the blog name, do you?

and I'm excited. This blog's gunna be looking pretty different soon. :-) Stephanie's designing my blog! She also designed mine and Alisha's blog, You Matter Too. It's amazing {go look at it!}.
It's for anyone struggling with anything, especially things like depression.
let me know what you think about the blog (You Matter Too or my blog when it's done)!

never give up.

100 from 2011

so I found this on Jessica's blog, Diary of a Beautiful Soul, and I thought it was really cool. it's called 100 from 2011.

the rules::

1. Grab the button below and put it in a post, along with a list of 100 things you were blessed by/with/because of this past year.
2. Add your link at her blog.
3. Read and comment on at least one other person's post :D

here we go!

1. Scotty McCreery (:
2. my family (:
3. my amazing, very much missed old youth group leaders (:
4. my pretty cool new youth group leader (:
5. late summer nights
6. giveaways (:
7. blogging (:
8. this new blog from me and my friend (:
9. iPod (:
10. my amazing boyfriend (:
11. Carlos (my stuffed dog Christmas present) (:
12. Hollister (:
13. my amazing parties (:
14. braids to make curly hair (:
15. Facebook (:
16. my amazing followers (even though there's not many) (:
17. country music (:
18. dances at school (:
19. my school, even if it is very crappy at times (:
20. Ashleigh! (:
21. Abby! (:
22. Alisha! (:
23. my other awesome friends (:
24. getting over depression (:
25. getting old friends back (:
26. seeing old friends that moved away (:
27. Just Dance (:
28. God (:
29. Twitter (:
30. Instagram (:
31. Becoming friends with people you hate (:
32. Getting rid of people in your life that are just bad for you (:
33. Trusting people (:
34. Getting closer with so many friends (:
35. Meeting amazing new people (:
36. Psychology classes (:
37. Lessons learned (:
38. Remembering good times (:
39. A new blog name (:
40. Knowing I matter to people (:
41. Having people who trust me with everything (:
42. Losing friends I can't trust (:
43. New blogging friends (:
44. New Canon camera (:
45. Spending time with family (:
46. Beautiful days (:
47. Sunshine (:
48. New music (:
49. Snuggies (:
50. Presents from an amazing guy (:
51. A beautiful necklace (:
52. Yummy food (:
53. Photography (:
54. Colorful socks (:
55. Christmas presents from best friends (:
56. Being called beautiful every day (:
57. Self confidence (:
58. Family camp (:
59. Dare2Share (:
60. Being picked up, spun around, and kissed (:
61. First kiss (:
62. Real love (:
63. Best friend and boyfriend- same person (:
64. Three Skillet concerts (:
65. New opportunities (:
66. Finding random, cool apps (:
67. Skype (:
68. Carlos (:
69. Amazing teachers (:
70. Good books (:
71. My awesome parties (:
72. My church (:
73. My church family (:
74. My youth group (:
75. Cute boots (:
76. Discovering new things (:
77. Trying new things (:
78. Falling in and out of love (:
79. Big Ticket Festival (:
80. My future family (boyfriends family) (:
81. Being a junior!!! (:
82. My phone (:
83. Finding true best friends (:
84. A warn winter (:
85. Hot summers (:
86. Cute boys (:
87. Random Taco Bell runs with friends, boyfriend and mom (:
88. Flip flops (:
89. Learning to drive (:
90. Vans (the shoes) (:
91. Cute dresses (:
92. Having a date to a dance (:
93. Weekly trips to see friends who live in another city (:
94. Staking drivers ed cars (:
95. Cars (the movie) (:
96. Staying up all night (:
97. Surviving on 3 hours of sleep every day (:
98. Naps (:
99. The Cuddle Room (:
100. This blog (:

Friday, January 6, 2012

blogs, blogs, and more blogs. :)

So Stephanie from Cookie Cutter is amazing... she designed mine and Alisha's blog, You Matter Too. <3 It's so pretty and I love it! Thanks, Steph!! :)

anyways, I'm trying to link to Diary of a Beautiful Soul's blog, 100 from 2011, but it's taking awhile, haha.

also, I think I'm going to rename my blog to 'intelligent ramblings.' but I'm not sure. vote on my poll and help me, please! :)

love, Brooke.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

new name!

so I really hated my blog name..
I mean really 'Brooke's Blog!'?
so, I came up with 'life these days.'
I'm not sure if I'm keeping it yet...

any other ideas?

let me know! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

important stuff.

SO today I actually have something to say that's kind of important. Lol :-)

I wanna talk about depression.

This is really serious, and it's taken a lot of people's lives, mostly teenagers (OUR age!).
I know so many people who have battled depression, or still are.

It's a difficult thing to get through, and I know this personally. Me, some of my best friends, adults I'm very close to... It's horrible.

People wonder why people get depressed or anything, but they don't realize how much impact their words have. If you say something rude or hurtful to someone struggling with depression, that could be a huge thing in their head. They could obsess over one thing you say, when you don't even realize you said it.

Whether you realize it or not, if that person kills themself, you could be a reason for it and I know no one wants to live with that.

So please, be careful with what you say, because you NEVER know what that person is going through.

and if you are struggling wuith depression, just know that there's always someone out there to talk to, even me.
and check out this blog, because once we get it going, it really could help you (or at least we hope so!).
You Matter Too. Sidenote:: sorry for the deisgn and the craziness:: we're working on it!!

I love you all! <3

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

read this please!

so one of my best friends, Alisha, made a new blog. it's amazing. for those of you out there who struggle with depression, your emotions, or just life in general, I want you to read this blog.
me and Alisha have both been down that road, and it's not a good thing.
I may be helping her do it, but I'm not sure at this moment.
we want to help anyone we can with it, so please, please, especially if you're struggling, read this blog. blog about it. something.

Link to the blog!

if you blog about it, leave the link on a comment and I will make a blog and ask people to go check out your blog!

please do it, for anyone who needs it.