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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Basically, in my life, my friends are the best thing I have.
I truly don't have many friends anymore.
I have very few compared to the amount I used to have.
However, the few that I have, I'd probably be a horrible person without them.
Granted, in the past three or so years, I went from being friends with all girls and all of my friends being relatively quiet.
Now, my friends are about half and half guys and girls.
I don't agree with a lot of my friends' choices but I know one thing I agree with.
Their sense of humor, their love for each other, the constant laughs, the most random times of hanging out, and their general love for just being together.
I have the greatest friends in the world in my opinion and recently, I've been more concerned with the amount of friends than the quality.
I've been like that for a few years actually.
But now, I think I'm finally realizing that though I don't have many friends, I have the best ones for me.
Friends are the biggest blessing in our lives and I am forever thankful for all of them.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Relationships that last a lifetime.

Friends are literally the best thing you can have in life.
Now, don't kill me, I know I didn't say family.
There's a reason for that.
Family should be your first priority, not your friends, right?
But a lot of people don't have supportive families, and if you do, correct me if I'm wrong, they are your friends then (even if we don't want to admit that Mom is our best friend and our sister is the person you confide in the most).
But really, friends are incredible.
They're the people that know you inside and out.
They know you better than just about anyone else.
They're the ones that stay up until four in the morning because you needed to vent.
They're those people that you can have honest heart-to-hearts with, just because.
Friendship isn't about whether or not you know the person's favorite color, or favorite food, or favorite music (though truthfully, if we're friends and you don't know my favorite music, there's a problem).
It's about knowing the things that will put a smile on your face, or instantly make you angry.
It's about doing those things that will put a smile on your face and avoiding those things that instantly make you angry.
It's about being supportive and loving each other throughout every choice a person makes.
My friends are, in all honesty, the best thing in my life.
I just wanted to say, if you have good friends, never ever ever let anything get in the way of that.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The lyrics.

I've been in a weird mood today. I don't know why or whether this mood is good or bad.
The only thing that I know today is: lyrics are different to me today.
I don't know why. It sounds strange, but music just sounds different today.
I have really weird feelings right now, so many contradicting feelings.
Listening to music has been my entire day today, but the lyrics just feel different today.
I can't explain what's happening to me and I don't know if I like it.
One thing I do know: you hear the music when you're happy, you understand the lyrics when you're not, you love both when you don't know how to feel.

I know this was short and a weird post, but it's just my feelings today.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Out of my comfort zone.

I've been thinking a lot, considering a lot.
I've been trying to decide a few things. These are big decisions. Life-changing decisions really.
I don't have any clarity for the two biggest things. I like knowing what to do. I don't though.
I've been praying about it lately. I still have no idea what to do though.
Decisions and I do not mix well. I'm a very indecisive person and things like this are not good.
God is trying to get me out of my comfort zone with a lot of things lately.
College is a difficult time for me. I don't like being away from home,
From family,
From my friends,
From my cats,
From comfort.
I'm not in my comfort zone anymore, and it's hard.
Maybe I'm just freaking out over simple things, but those simple things mean everything to me and I don't like this.
I'm not saying I don't love college because I totally do. I just wish college was an hour an a half away, at home.
Life is just so different lately and I'm trying to adjust. Then it changes again.
I just can't seem to get adjusted to anything lately.
But I have God. I will continue to pray about these things, and I know that this is all in his plan, so I guess I'll see where all of this goes.

The College Bucket List.

My bucket list for the next four years of freedom, also known as college.

1. Go to twenty concerts. (5/20) {Skillet:: Sept. '13, Darius Rucker:: Jan. '14, Roadshow:: Feb. 14, WJ:: Feb. '14, Skillet:: Feb '14}
2. Get front-row {or at least close} for a concert- any concert. {Skillet: Feb. '14}
3. Take a picture with a different person every day for a month.
4. Visit at least four different clubs to try different things out. (2/4) {Action Jackson, Students for Life}
5. Get a tattoo.
6. Get my belly button pierced.
7. Bring home at least 20 different friends. (3/20) {AB, CF, LM}
8. Have a picnic on campus with friends.
9. Roadtrip.
10. Meet a (new) celebrity.
11. Make a photo collage on my dorm room wall.
12. Spend a week in different rooms- any but my own.
13. Have an 80's movie marathon.
14. Pull an all-nighter.
15. Make a memory jar.
16. Spend the night outside.
17. Bring 9 friends home with me (at once) for a weekend.
18. Take a trip to a zoo.
19. Get a job!
20. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.
21. Good RAK.
22. Get a random color put in my hair.
23. Keep a diary/journal, or even just blog regularly.
24. Make a CD for friends as memories of times we've had. (1/10)
25. Throw someone a surprise party.
26. Get a matching tattoo with a friend.
27. Go 24 hours without a phone or laptop- no electronics.

To be added to...

Things in life.

I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to say this somewhere and this seemed fitting.

What I want to say, is that I couldn't love little moments in my life any more than I do.
I know that sounds cliche but really.

I live for singing Hosanna at the top of my lungs in chapel.
I live for sending a random message to a friend telling her that's she's great and I love her just to make her feel a little better.
I live for sitting in my dorm lobby just talking for hours, about everything.
I live for finding a new song to be addicted to and then grow to hate after listening to it constantly.
I live for getting a random piece of candy in my dorm room mailbox.
I live for getting a picture of my kitten sleeping.
I live for feeling like I can trust someone with something I've never told anyone before.
I live for having a completely pointless conversation with great people that end up in us laughing for over ten minutes about it.
I live for seeing the people I love happy.

It's not much, but I wanted to share that.
There are so many little things to love in your life- just look around.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

best friend bucket list.

the bucket list of 2013 before I leave for college::

  • best friend photo shoot.
  • zoo trip.
  • backyard campout.
  • beach trip.
  • outdoor movie theater.
  • roadtrip.
  • Topperz date.
  • Zap Zone.
not just for me, but for my lovelies too::
Butler and Cassie
& Ashleigh and Abby

Well, hi.

So it's kind of been forever since I posted.
But hey, I graduated and that's what's important, right? :)

Basically, my summer has been spent spending crazy amounts of time with my friends before we all leave each other in August/September, and being lazy. Nothing more, really.

It's a nice thing, but I'm looking forward to life changes and moving to college.
I'm ready for new experiences.