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Monday, October 24, 2011

Homecoming weekend

was ah-mazing!

friday-- me, Alisha, and Abby stayed after school, waiting for my mom to come get us. we hung out with Alisha's brother, Alan, for a little while too. it was fun!! then we went to my house for a little while, then got ready for the parade [gloves, hoodies, headbands]. so we stood outside at the parade, freezing, and got candy from Shawna, waved to Katie and Emily (two of my favorite cheerleaders), and then waved to all my band geeks. :D we walked down to where the parade ended to get Butler, ran so a girl we don't like didn't see us, and, again, froze! then mommy drove us to the Trojan Tailgate, which ended up being me, Alisha, Abby, Butler, Butler's sister Hope, and two of Hope's friends sitting in the bleachers, bored and cold, for an hour! finally, Steven (my boyfriend), Tyler, and Ashley got there, and we went and sat with them, which ended up being me, Steven, Alisha, Abby, Butler, Tyler, Ashley, Bree, Dusty, Dustin, David, Shyann, Jacob, Sarah, Emily, and Peter. fun? I think YES!! After the game, me, Alisha, Abby, Butler, and Emily went to 5th Quarter. Not as much fun, but we got to see everyone. :)

saturday-- we got up, watched Fast Five, Triel came over. Then we had our shaving party in the bathroom, Alisha had a meltdown, did our nails, another meltdown, fixed Alisha's nails and hair, another meltdown....then one MORE meltdown! finally, Steven and Brian (Abby's date) got there. we did last-minute dress changes, and left for Pete's Garage. we got there and all of us had dinner at Pete's with Tyler and Bree (they went together), and Peter and Emily (who are dating). so much fun. then we went to take pictures, my dad came, threatened my boyfriend (typical dad), we froze (I'm sensing a pattern here, yes?). and then, the best part of the night:: the dance! it was amazing. no details, it'd be too long, but here's a couple highlights:: Jessica finally got the hint that I don't like her; Tyler was being a creep, but got ditched by Bree, so I was nice to him; slow danced with Steven<3; Abby and Brian kissed and are dating!!
then we all (everyone from Pete's, minus Bree, plus Sarah, Tyler S, and David) went to Taco Bell, ate, all the guys except Brian left, we went back to my house, Brian left around 1ish, and we watched movies.

sunday-- we woke up, hung out, watched movies, did nothing. then everyone went home. :( buttttt Katie S was at yg for the first time in about a month and a half. :D

so, yeah, Homecoming weekend was AMAZING!<3

Friday, October 21, 2011

homecoming week!

so yesterday was an amazing day.
I hung out with the two best friends (Abby&Alisha) and the boyfriend (Steven).
it was a good day. :)

so this week was Homecoming Week!
Monday:: Class Color Day (juniors were orange!)
Tuesday:: Costume Day (I didn't wear one.)
Wednesday:: Twinkie Day (Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Hell shirts with Alisha)
Thursday:: College T-Shirt Day (Spring Arbor shirts, of course ;D)
Friday:: Spirit Day (I didn't do anything)

Tonight is the parade, the Trojan Tailgate, the game, and 5th quarter, maybe. Tomorrow is getting ready with my girls, pictures with the boys, Pete's Garage, the dance, and Taco Bell. Then Sunday, church in our dresses!!! <3

So, so, so excited!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

what would I do without...

you know, after everything bad in my life, I have to remember that I have my amazing friends, my amazing family, God, and my church "family." <3

I love these people so much. I really do not know what I'd do without any of them!

so, basically, just remember, no matter how alone you feel, there is ALWAYS someone there for you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

missing you/presents.

I miss you soo much... It's been almost two years since you left us. I just wish you were still here with us. I love and miss you Papa<3


So Steven got me a Sweetest Day present. :) It's a necklace that's really pretty, and it has a heart, and around the outside, it says 'Love forever.' It's so cute :) I love this kid :)


Things have just been going downhill lately and I can't stand it. I'm losing people by the day... I just wish 3 people would still be here with me...</3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yesterday was a good day.
40 minute phone call with Mel<3 I miss her&Kevin soo much!
But I have like no more time right now, sooo I'll blog more tomorrow hopefully!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

best friends.

i feel the need to post a list of my best friends. :)

Alisha B.
Abby Y.
Katie S.
Shay D.
Harry E.
Makayla B.
Sarah C.
Kayla C.
Michaela B.
Mark T.
Ashley B.
Ashley P.
Amber M.
Marissa C.
Alustriel O.
Antonio M.
Alyssa G.
Kat K.
Brooke B.
Beth H.
Emily C.


oh yes, and of course Melanie&Kevin E, Britta S, and Amanda C! :)

anddddd last but not least, my AH-MAZING family.<3