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Monday, January 27, 2014

Tips to survive college.

So I realized in quite a few posts, I've talked about last semester and how badly I did.
I just wanted to share with you guys a few reasons why this happened, so that maybe, possibly, you can avoid it.

First of all, go. to. class. Trust me, I thought every morning that I deserved a day off of classes. That way the biggest reasons for the three failing grades, as well as why I had a C and not higher than that. I skipped so many times and it really, seriously screwed up my entire semester, along with my GPA. I've seen one a few websites say "If you attend every class, it's almost impossible to fail." So take that into account when you think "Hm... Another two hours of sleep or class?"

Second, if there's small assignments, don't think that you can get away with not doing them because the assignment is only x amount of points. After 12 assignments that are only worth 5 points, that's 60 points you miss out on. Do the short assignments. Because really, they're short. They're easy and quick. It's an almost painless twenty minutes of your time. Trust me on this, I thought I'd be smart in one class and not do the things that were only two points because "they didn't really matter." If someone tells you this, please for the love of God, slap them and tell them to do their work.

Third, if you're having trouble in a class, don't wait until the end of the semester to talk to your professor. It doesn't end well. At that point, there isn't much the professor can do for you, so it's in your best interest to talk to them when you start having problems. If you don't understand something, most professors have office hours. Talk to the TA. Do something about it though. It's not fun when you contact a teacher at the end of the semester and they say "Well, as of now, I can't do anything to help you but say: study hard for the final." Is it possible to change your grade much with just your final? Maybe. Likely? No.

Lastly, college is a big transition. High school, no matter what anyone tells you, will not prepare you for college. It's a big change, but it's manageable. I just kept looking at it like, "well, it's a big change, so it's understandable if I don't do so good right now." That's not the right way to go about it though. Saying, "Yeah, this is a big adjustment, but if I try and do good now, it'll be a bigger accomplishment and if I fail, then that's okay."

College is difficult. But it's not impossible.

You got this.


Megan said...

These are some really great tips. These are problems that almost EVERYONE has as a college freshman. I'd also add that you don't have to go out and party EVERY SINGLE night. I did that and since I easily got all A's in high school, I thought it'd be the same in college. It wasn't. Thanks for sharing!!

xo Megan, Lush to Blush

Alissa Roy said...

I am going through the exact same thing you are going through, and I can totally agree with these tips! For me personally, I am just such a homebody and I was racked with intense fear for the first semester, so this second semester I will be focused on breaking out of my nervous little shell :) Let us hope that we survive this craziness together! Love your blog!
xo Alissa