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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Youth group//Did you know...

that I used to always go to my youth group every weekend, without fail?
that I hated missing youth group because I didn't want to miss seeing my amazing youth group leaders?
that I really love my old youth group leaders?

Recently, things have been kind of falling apart.. Youth group has went from 30 kids a week, to just ten.
At first, I didn't understand. We still had a youth group; though Mel and Kev weren't there, it was still youth group.
Now.. I understand. I'm almost in the same position.

A lot of people are disappointed in everyone leaving.. they don't know why everyone's leaving though.
I do.

Melanie and Kevin: they were amazing. they cared. they loved us. they were meant to be youth leaders.

Our new youth leader: He's not a bad guy... I just don't think he knows how to work with teenagers. He is close to about six of the teens. The rest of us are just kind of... there.

And we've also had three helpers for quite a while (using letters instead of names): X, Y, and Z.
I love X. This person is there when I need to talk. I don't really talk to Z, but I still like him/her. And Y..well, I've just been having some issues with him/her with the past few months.
But they were ours.

Melanie and Kevin left August 1st of last year. That's when our new leader took over. X left about a month ago because he/she had two jobs (one of which didn't end until the middle of youth group).  Now, Y and Z are leaving. This Sunday is their last day.

X had a legitimate reason. Y and Z, I don't really believe they do.
And it hurts.
After promises and promises that "we won't leave; we won't leave," ..... what happened to that? What happened to being there for us?

And now we're getting a new youth leader, for the girls. I have nothing against her personally.
I don't know her very well. I don't think I've ever had a conversation with her. How am I supposed to go from wanting to share my prayer requests there because I know and trust all of them, to sharing with her, who I barely know?
I can't. We've had two weeks with both Y&Z and the new leader. That's not enough time. When we got our two girl helpers before, Melanie was there for us to talk to while we got to know them. Now..we have no one.
I feel like we were just kind of an afterthought, honestly. This hurts. You don't even know how badly../:

I just want youth group back to the way it used to be.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters.

Dear summer,
...why is it that you're still not here?!
sincerely, i want to tan.

Dear youth group,
sincerely, slightly crushed.

Dear friends,
thank you for letting me vent all the time.
I need it.
sincerely, barookacka.

Dear boyfriend,
you make me mad,
you drive me crazy sometimes,
I really want to punch you at others,
but I love you. <3
sincerely, your girlfriend that'll be here forever.

Dear school,
...I hate you.
sincerely, can't wait to get out.

Dear new followers,
thank you!!!
I love you all! <3
sincerely, happy girl.

Dear old followers,
thank you for sticking around,
even in my mess of posts...
sincerely, crazy girl.

Dear June 14-16,
come faster.
sincerely, waiting impatiently.

Link-up to Friday's Letters.

Love you all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lately, I've been brought back into reality.
In particular, the reality of my coming senior year.
In exactly two weeks from today is my last day as a junior.
Last day.
...this is scary.
Next, I'll be a senior, my last year here in my comfort zone with people I've grown up with and know.
This could be my last full summer at home.
I mean really, I have my application to dual enroll next year at the college.
I'm scared...but excited.
Regardless of the complaining from people at my school about it, I love my school.
Love it.
And I only have one more year left.
In a year, I'll be just one week away from graduating.
This is crazy.

Any thoughts on your experiences with this?
They'd be appreciated.

Love you all!

Friday, May 18, 2012

my letters.

My letters::

dear boy in the hallway,
it is not, nor will ever be, cool to walk around with your pants half way down your butt.
please pull them up.
thank you.
sincerely, disgusted.

dear ex best friend,
we had a good friendship while it lasted,
but i'm glad it ended when it did.
sincerely, over it.

dear followers,
i love you all,
and i really love your comments when you leave them!
sincerely, thankful.

dear summer,
please, please, come faster.
sincerely, impatient.

dear best friends,
i love you!
you mean the world to me!!
sincerely, your best friend.

dear blogs i follow,
i love your blogs,
but you people really need to stop making awesome link-ups!
..then i have to do all of them.
sincerely, link-up overload.

Perspective in five.

Linking up with {The Gypsy Mama's 5 Minute Friday} -- Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.


You know, when you think about it, our perspective on everything shows a lot more about ourselves than anything.
It's like the glass half full versus half empty thing.
Depending on which one you see, it shows a lot about your personality, your life, and just you.
Everything could be seen as bad through one person's perspective, and good through someone else's.
Everyone has a different perspective on everything.
It's really cool when you think about it though.
Like a little kid could fall.
One person would be like "Oh, no! He's hurt! Go get a wash cloth, and a band-aid, and Neosporin, and..."
Where another could be thinking "Oh, that's not bad. It could have been worse, and hey, everything happens for a reason. Maybe him falling now prevent him from doing something later could could result in a much bigger accident."
See, your perspective is everything.
You could be that person who sees everything as negative, or you could be that cheerful, optimistic person who thinks everything that happens is for a reason, and not to worry so much.


Linking up with {The Gypsy Mama's 5 Minute Friday}

Love you all!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Plans for my blog.

sorry for the third post today!!

So I realized that honestly, you guys probably know really know much about me.
So sometime soon, I'm going to do kind of an "About Me" month.
Each week, I'll have a topic, and a post for each of the days.
Example: Week 1: These Crazy People I Call My Best Friends. Part 1: Steven.
And so on.
It'll probably be about a month long (4 weeks) with four topics.
For some topics, like the best friends topic, there will be seven posts for seven days, but other topics may be as little as four days.
I'm already planning this, and I'm pretty excited about it.
I might even have a button made, so if you know anyone who can make me a free button for this, please let me know!! :)

Love you all!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Kind of awesome...
After my post all about kittens yesterday,
my stepmom sends a picture of a kitten.
...It's ours.
I'm happy.
I have a kitty! :D
My sister wanted to name it Jaguar, so we did. :-)
It's so, so cute.
It's gray, and only six weeks old!!
It's not letting me post the picture though! :-(
But I'm so, so happyyy! :-)

Love you all!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I really, really love kittens. They're really, really cute. Like a lot. Anddddd... Pictures! :)

Really now...
They're just so cute...
I kind of really want them...all.


Love you all!