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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why I Don't Believe College is for Everyone.

Being in college has given me some interesting insight on the world of college. I've seen people I know for a fact that are extremely smart, book-wise and common sense-wise, fail classes and such. Things like this have caused me to start wondering if college is actually right for everyone.

Just a couple things I'd like to point out here.

College Con:
Steve Jobs. The creator of Tumblr, David Karp. Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of WordPress (which many of you fellow bloggers use), Matt Mullenweg. The founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek.
Do any of these names or sites sound familiar to you? You're looking at the names of five extremely successful people that never graduated college. Some of which didn't even graduate high school.

College Pro:
The average high school graduate will make about $30,000 a year. Just by getting a bachelor's degree, this goes up to $45,000.

College Con:
Those two numbers in the last example have been growing closer and closer together.

College Pro:
Having a college degree makes getting a job a whole lot easier.

College Con:
...that is, if you can find one.

College Pro:
Most college graduates do not regret college.

College Con:
However, some do.

College Con: 
Two words: student loans.

This list alone makes me really think about college. Personally, I don't think college is right for everyone. I most definitely don't think that anyone should be pressured into going, especially right after high school. So many people fail out of college and after working for a few years, return and do amazing.

I also don't believe that college is as worthwhile as many people say it is. The salary gap is closing slowly. Many college graduates cannot find jobs and the ones that do often have entry-level jobs regardless of their college degree.

What are your opinions on this? I'd love to hear.


Ellie said...

I agree completely. I do have a bachelor's degree and a full-time job. However, I don't make 30,000. It's pretty sad lol. But I do love what I do and plan to get a Master's degree because it seems that if you DO plan to go to college, a Bachelor's Degree isn't enough! It's crazy!!

Heidi Fuqua said...

I left the profession I have a degree in because it wasn't worth all the hassle. I make about as much money at other jobs. Going to college made me a better person, but it really hasn't helped me financially.