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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Netflix shows!

You know when you get bored and go to Netflix but there's never anything that sounds decent, or the exact opposite happens, you get on and there's just too many things you want to watch?

I have these problems far too much for it to possibly be normal, so I thought I'd at least try to help everyone else out too, so here it is:

A Few Top Faves on Netflix

Greek: rated TV-14. This show is a great show that has quite a few seasons on Netflix for those of you that like to marathon their shows. It follows a group of college students involving in some way in the Greek life of Cyprus-Rhodes University, mostly centered around the lives of Casey & Rusty Cartwright, the Zeta Beta Zeta "princess" and her younger, dorky brother in Kappa Tau. This show is hilarious and you can easily relate to the awesome cast. {four seasons}

The Breakfast Club: rated R. Let's be real, who doesn't love this movie? For the few {and crazy} people out there that have not seen this movie, it's one of the most famous {and best} movies from the 80's. It has one of the smallest casts I've ever seen, and it works perfectly. Five students are given a Saturday detention and are forced to sit in a room with just the five of them for the entire day. Many things happen to bring these five together and it's truly interesting to see how the day unfolds. Between the athlete, the basket case, the princess, the brain, and the criminal, it's a very unlikely bond, but this movie makes it work perfectly.

Undeclared: rated TV-14. This has the most star-studded cast I've ever seen. For anyone that enjoys any cast member from This is the End, you'll love this show. Even if you don't there's still a good chance you'll like it. While much of it's cast normally star in some raunchy movie, it isn't raunchy like usual. It's truly funny. It's about a small group of friends at a college that are basically the "outcasts" and it's just hilarious. There are many others like Adam Sandler that guest star in an episode or two. -- sidenote: for any girls that like Charlie Hunnam from SOA, he's in this show, just younger & hotter ;) {sadly, only one season-- what the heck?!}

Baby Daddy: unrated. Don't let the rating make you think this show is "bad," because it isn't at all. It was on ABCFamily, so it's obviously not that bad. This show is about a dad that finds out that after a one night stand, he has a child. It follows the life of this dad, his brother, his mom, and a couple great friends and the crazy things that happen to them. It's such a great show. I've only watched the two seasons on Netflix, but I'm dying to see the rest! If you don't like cliffhangers, I wouldn't watch this show, because Netflix cuts it off at a terrible place. {two seasons}

The Emperor's New Groove: rated G. For those days when you just need a kids show, it's a necessity. This movie is full of hilarious lines and I just love it and have since I was ....5? Either way, it's a great family movie and I love the characters of this show.

The Carrie Diaries: rated TV-14. I'm sadly only halfway through the one season Netflix has {Netflix really needs to work on getting more seasons of the shows they already have up!} but it's already a fantastic show and I've heard amazing things about this show. I haven't seen Sex and the City, but I would really like to after seeing this show {this show is a TV show based off of Carrie Bradshaw from S&TC in her teen years}. You get emotionally invested into this show so quickly and you just don't want to stop watching. It surprised me how much I like this show! {one season}

LOL: rated PG-13. I truly thought this movie would suck and only watched it just to see how bad it would be, but I was completely wrong. It's actually a surprising movie. You would think based on the cover and that Miley {in her more...sane days} was in it, that this movie would be a typical teen movie. It is the exact opposite. There are a lot of interesting characteristics of this movie you don't expect, but it's good. Miley's character & her mom {Demi Moore} have a unique, yet weird relationship, that in some ways, reminded me of my mom and I, though we don't bathe together {such a weird part of this movie-- why?!}. It's good though!

Do you have any that you think are great to watch on Netflix? Comment below & let me know- maybe I'll watch them & do a second part to this, giving credit to those of you that share a new fave with me! 

** check out part two here **


Emily Finta said...

I loved greek. Some of my favorites are Haven, Psych and Hart of Dixie! :)

Rachel said...

Binge watching on NetFlix is a favorite pastime of mine... before my husband and I subscribed to cable it was also pretty much our television time.

A couple of my favorites are:
Once Upon A Time and Lost (that one just sucks you in for weeks).

Mimi @ Irresistible Icing said...

I love finding out about new shows to watch on Netflix. Thanks for sharing this list!