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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My top ten day makers.

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My Top Ten Day Makers.

1. Hugs from my best friends every morning.
     Yes, they do make my day. :-)

2. Megan's randomness.
     I kiss Steven. "Delicious." ;-)

3. Music at lunch.
     Well, today, they played a music video for our school store.

4. Good hair days.
     My hair looks quite good today, if I do say so myself. ;-)

5. Seeing my wonderful boyfriend.
  That one speaks for itself. ;-)

6. Lotus Leaf.
     It our school newspaper and I'm in that class, and that's the class I blog from. :-)

7. Listening to music.
     Currently, 'I Don't Want This Night To End' by Luke Bryan.

8. Crazy freshmen.
     Jayme. Saige. Tessa. Megan. ;-)

9. Knee-high socks.
     I'm wearing mix-matched, knee-high socks. They. are. amazing. :-)

10. A shirt from my old youth group leader's sister.
     It's almost my favorite color {bright blue} and I miss my old youth group leader. <3

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy with problems.

Despite all of the drama going on around me, involving almost everyone close to me besides the girls, I've realized how proud I am of me and Steven. We started our relationship good, but after a while, it was filled with drama, people got involved, and everything went crappy. We've learned not to listen, and we're a lot better.
But there's a line you have to make.
When you bend over backwards, and change yourself, for a boyfriend or girlfriend, it's getting to be too much.
There's a couple relationships in particular that are really just pissing me off lately, but that's not the point.
The point is that you do NOT need to change for a relationship. Friendship, or otherwise.
If you're a person I'm talking about and you're reading this, I'm sorry, but it's true. You don't need to change. You don't need to be someone you're not. You need to be YOU, not what they want.
Anyways, all of this going on is really making me realize that I have an amazing relationship, wonderful, real friends, and we don't have to change for anyone. <3 If we have a disagreement, we talk. We don't talk behind each other's backs. We don't yell at them. We talk.
That's why I love my friends.
That's why I love my boyfriend.
That's why I'm happy, despite all of the drama around me. :)

Love you all!

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go look at this.

for all of you who are freaking out over GFC closing down,
{read this!}

Friday, February 24, 2012

high five for friday.

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woo! high five for friday. :-)

1. Reading the questions on my 43 question long questionnaire from Steven's cousin Megan. They're so great.
1. Who is your best friend?
2. Who is your best friend's best friend?
3. Who is your best friend's best friend's cousin?
4. Have you ever been to outer space and seen an alien? If so, please draw a picture below.
5. I am eating Cheez-Its.
6. Why was that not a question?
Yeah, she's a strange girl. But she's pretty cool (:

2. Hanging out with my wonderful boyfriend and Ashleigh yesterday :-)

3. Finishing my exam review for one of my classes 8 days before it's due :D

4. Turning in all of my missing work today! :D

5. Talking non-stop about someone that you know a friend of yours dated, but that friend won't admit it, so you just talk non-stop about them. ;-)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

ah, freshmen.

So normally, I hate freshmen.
HATE them.
with a deep, burning hatred.

There's actually quite a few I like now. :-)

My Jayme! She's adorable and I've known her for three years and she's super sweet (:
Alan, my best friend's brother.
Saige and Tessa, two girls from the journalism class that's in our third hour.
Megan and Katie, my boyfriend's cousins.

It's really shocking that I actually like them, because almost all of the other freshmen...
I swear sometimes, they could be Satan's spawn.

So I started this year off as 'I hate freshmen, I hate freshmen, I hate freshmen. They get worse every year.'

And the last part is true.

But I'm finding more and more throughout the year that I like. :-).... Even if Megan did write me a 43 question long questionnaire ;-)

So yes, that is all.

Moral of the story: I no longer hate freshmen, thanks to the people up there ^^^ :-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

one word.

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This link-up is to get to know each other :-)

It's one word to describe...

me:: crazy.
I swear to you, I may be certifiably insane. ;)

my life:: blessed.
I have a great family, great friends, a great boyfriend, and God <3

my love:: strong.
People may say teenagers don't know what love is; they're wrong. This love is real, and it's amazing. <3

my body:: alright.
I'm not one of those teenage girls who think "I'm fattt" every two seconds. I don't.

my cooking:: non-existant. ;)
I don't cook, I don't like to cook... Eating... That's a different story (;

my career:: future.
I don't technically have a career yet, but I have plans for the future. :)

my hobby:: reading.
I love reading! It's so great. {the Hunger Games movie comes out in one month and two days!!}

my style:: plain.
I wear skinny jeans, a t-shirt, my North Face, and my boots/Vans every day, without fail. :)

my blog:: "pretty."
It's in quotes, because I asked my best friend :-)

my home:: hectic.
mom and me at one house. dad, stepmom, 6 year old sister, and me at the other.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


yesterday was amazing.

I woke up to my mom writing
'happy sweet 16, sweetie!!'
and putting a pretty necklace on my dresser.

I came to school and was greeted my best friends standing there, balloons and cards in hand. <3

I passed out my valentines to all of my friends {except a few who were either left at home and I didn't see them}.

After school, we took Steven home from school, then went to my favorite restaurant- Mongolian Barbeque- for dinner, then went to Payless for flats for my birthday party on Saturay.

From there, we drove a half hour away to go to Deb, so I could get a new skirt {my othr one is hiding...}.

I got a black shirt, black v-neck shirt, and two tank tops.

I'm wearing the skirt, the flats, and a blue flowy shirt for my party!

I'm excited!!

Birthday party attendees:: Alisha, Abby, Ashleigh, Jenna, Steven, Dusty, David and Brian.

It shall be great. :)

But that is all for today.

Love you all!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm sorry, I haven't blogged since like... Wednesday or something.
I miss it.
I'm sorry.
Anyways, I have updates!

-I promise I willl do a 'featured favorite' post THIS THURSDAY.
-Me and Steven have now been together for four months, officially, as of the 10th and over a year, on and off, as of the 23rd.
-I did NOT go to Winterfest , the dance at our school. (Let's not talk about that, though.)
-My birthday party is in 5 days! :D

anyways, that is all.

love you all!

cup half-full.

Lately, I've been having a realy hard time with everything in general, with struggling to fit in in my youth group, to parent issues, to friend troubles, but yesterday... It was different.

Youth group? Amazing. We laughed so, so much. It was probably the best youth group time we've had since... well, since Melanie and Kevin left. You could definitely tell God was there yesterday :)

Mom? We hung out. We read. We talked. She made chili for dinner. Overall, we had a great day, and we didn't fight, at all (even when I made her get up just to get a spider out of my room).

Friends? We laughed, we made new inside jokes, I might have even gotten closer to a few girls from youth group.

It was a great day. <3

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smell the roses.

{Look here!}

Well, I did this, for the first time. I took a sticky note and wrote some lyrics of a really great song with awesome lyrics ('you are treasured, you are sacred, you are His, you're beautiful' -beautiful-mercyme). Then, I waited until no one was paying attention and stuck it to a desk in a classroom where I knew a friend who had been struggling was going to sit. It stayed there through the day, so I hope it made some people's day. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So hey, do you know how happy it makes me when I get a new follower?? unless you're Alisha or maybe Ashleigh, you probably don't. Seeing as how I only have 11 followers, even one more makes my day. :)

So you should help. like, post about my blog&link it to me.

Also, I am in great need of someone's great need of someone's {free} button-making skills. Help?!

It would be greatly appreciated and you might even make it to my 'featured favorite' post or my 'favorite blogs' page when I get it up! ;)

Please and thank you!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 more days.

Hey, so guess what.
In one week,
from today,
it will be..
Valentine's Day.
But no, that is not why I am excited.
Also in one week
from today,
my birthday.
my. sixteenth. birthday.
Yeah, can you tell I'm excited?!

This song fits well..
I miss Hilary Duff.

I. am. excited!
Also, my birthday party dinner shall be fun, as long as everyone comes.
Alisha B, Abby Y, Ashleigh J, Jenna O, Steven V, Dusty G, David B, and Brian E. :)

Alright, I am now done rambling about my birthday.

on a sidenote:: The lovely Grace designed my blog! Do you like it?

Friday, February 3, 2012

high five for friday.

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High Five for Friday! :D

1. I'm definitely going to see the Rock and Worship Roadshow tonight with my mom!

2. I'm getting my blog designed by the oh-so-wonderful Grace! :)

3. Our You Matter Too blog getting new followers!

4. Linking up with this, and Follow Friday!

5. Having a good hair day (for once!) :)


Day 5: Three years ago today.

I was getting ready for my amazing wonderful 13th birthday party&planning like crazy.
Pizza making party at Marcos Pizza.
Spending the night at a hotel with 5 of my best friends (Ashley, Katie, Amber, Alyssa, & Taylor<3).
3. Tier. Cake.
Cute boys swimming ;)

It was amazing. :)

p.s. if you didn't notice- I didn't do the 'featured favorite' yesterday. I'm only doing it once every two weeks now!!

p.p.s. tonight is the Rock and Worship Roadshow at Eastern Michigan University-- mercyme, Tenth Avenue North, Sidewalk Prophets, Lecrae, Disciple, & The Rend Collective Experiment... emphasis on mercyme, TAN, Sidewalk Prophets & Disciple (;

p.p.p.s check out {this blog}

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So this song.
"Strong Enough to Save"
It's amazing...
Have you ever heard it??
You should listen to it :-)
It's by this amazing, wonderful, fantastic band...
they're called Tenth Avenue North.
{check out their website!}
This is one of the bands I will be seeing on Friday at Rock&Worship Roadshow. :)
I'm so excited. :-)
I really think you should listen to them...and fall in love with them. <3