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Friday, October 21, 2011

homecoming week!

so yesterday was an amazing day.
I hung out with the two best friends (Abby&Alisha) and the boyfriend (Steven).
it was a good day. :)

so this week was Homecoming Week!
Monday:: Class Color Day (juniors were orange!)
Tuesday:: Costume Day (I didn't wear one.)
Wednesday:: Twinkie Day (Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Hell shirts with Alisha)
Thursday:: College T-Shirt Day (Spring Arbor shirts, of course ;D)
Friday:: Spirit Day (I didn't do anything)

Tonight is the parade, the Trojan Tailgate, the game, and 5th quarter, maybe. Tomorrow is getting ready with my girls, pictures with the boys, Pete's Garage, the dance, and Taco Bell. Then Sunday, church in our dresses!!! <3

So, so, so excited!!!

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