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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have hope.

I would just like to say, that I'm gaining back faith in teenagers..
Regardless of the few shallow, harsh people who says things just to make others feel bad, there are some who ARE trying to turn it around!
A friend of mine ahs started a group on Facebook, which is now becoming a school club, called Words Can Kill (an anti-bullying group).
China McClain (the star of ANT Farm on Disney Channel), along with her sisters, Sierra and Lauryn, have made a song titled "Rise," a very inspirational song.
The McClain sisters

Many other artists have been making inspirational, non-bullying songs as well.
Shinedown: Bully.
Lyrics to "Bully"

Mandisa: Stronger.
Lyrics to "Stronger"

Tobymac: Hold On.
Lyrics to "Hold On"

These are such great songs, and I'm happy people are finally starting to realize that what you say DOES matter.
People take things to heart.
Be careful with what you say.
It can hurt.

Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

I agree... and I'm really guilty of a lifetime of crappy things I've said to people.. People just don't put anybody before themselves.. I know I didn't, and still don't now..
and it comes back to bullies and their lives.. aren't they pointless? if you don't have any morals, and nothing to live for.. why should you consider if something you want to *say* will hurt somebody? what do they care? nobody cares about them, in most cases..
it's so sad, and stuuuupid.
great post btw: