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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trust Me..

Lately, people have been very, very untrusting toward me.
One for a mistake I made two years ago,
and one that is solely based on doubt.
It's kinda hurtful, to be honest.
Especially the second one.
Just because you assume things, it doesn't mean you're always right.
Because of these two things,
I will be spending my summer before my senior year of high school at. my. grandma's. Yes, I said that. Not at home, like any other normal teenager; at my grandma's. Yeah, save me.
Another result?
I can't talk to one of my best friends because her mom doesn't trust us when we say something didn't happen. it. didn't.
I don't understand people.
It makes me so mad..
and upset.
I was so happy when my friend moved here, and now I can't talk to her.

Anyone have any advice for me?
Anything at all...

p.s. Today is officially my last day of being a junior. ): Sadface. But happy about summer... But sad again, because this also means I may not be posting near as much... ): I'm sorry; I'll try to post as much as I can!! <3

Love you all!


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Sometimes things just have to settle and then the truth will be heard. Enjoy your summer. These are the years you soak it all in until you can relive it.

TicoTina said...

I don't know what allegedly happened, but I'm sorry for the crap you're having to deal with.

Tif said...

First of all have to learn that those who can't let the past be past, never will. Unfortunately, they sometimes people you care deeply about. BUT...I promise you that God has a plan, and will put people in your life who will last for a lifetime.

I'm Following you now...found you through the Prayer Warriors on Brooke's Blog...thought it only a great thing to actually hook up with all of the other warriors!

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