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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The College Bucket List.

My bucket list for the next four years of freedom, also known as college.

1. Go to twenty concerts. (5/20) {Skillet:: Sept. '13, Darius Rucker:: Jan. '14, Roadshow:: Feb. 14, WJ:: Feb. '14, Skillet:: Feb '14}
2. Get front-row {or at least close} for a concert- any concert. {Skillet: Feb. '14}
3. Take a picture with a different person every day for a month.
4. Visit at least four different clubs to try different things out. (2/4) {Action Jackson, Students for Life}
5. Get a tattoo.
6. Get my belly button pierced.
7. Bring home at least 20 different friends. (3/20) {AB, CF, LM}
8. Have a picnic on campus with friends.
9. Roadtrip.
10. Meet a (new) celebrity.
11. Make a photo collage on my dorm room wall.
12. Spend a week in different rooms- any but my own.
13. Have an 80's movie marathon.
14. Pull an all-nighter.
15. Make a memory jar.
16. Spend the night outside.
17. Bring 9 friends home with me (at once) for a weekend.
18. Take a trip to a zoo.
19. Get a job!
20. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.
21. Good RAK.
22. Get a random color put in my hair.
23. Keep a diary/journal, or even just blog regularly.
24. Make a CD for friends as memories of times we've had. (1/10)
25. Throw someone a surprise party.
26. Get a matching tattoo with a friend.
27. Go 24 hours without a phone or laptop- no electronics.

To be added to...

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