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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lately, I've been brought back into reality.
In particular, the reality of my coming senior year.
In exactly two weeks from today is my last day as a junior.
Last day.
...this is scary.
Next, I'll be a senior, my last year here in my comfort zone with people I've grown up with and know.
This could be my last full summer at home.
I mean really, I have my application to dual enroll next year at the college.
I'm scared...but excited.
Regardless of the complaining from people at my school about it, I love my school.
Love it.
And I only have one more year left.
In a year, I'll be just one week away from graduating.
This is crazy.

Any thoughts on your experiences with this?
They'd be appreciated.

Love you all!


Brittany said...

Oh my goodness Brooke. It feels like just yesterday that I was in the same place as you. Now I am beginning my senior year of college in the fall. Enjoy every second of this last year! Take advantage of every opportunity that you have. The decisions that you make will shape the next few years of your life. I won't tell you that it will be awesome, because to be honest, sometimes it really isn't. College life is hard, it brings its own unique challenges just like high school does. But it does have it's advantages and it sure is a lot of fun, especially since you can take classes that you are interested in. What are you wanting to go for? You're SO smart for doing dual-enrollment. It will save you a ton of money & time! That is one thing I do wish I had done. I do recommend as far as money goes, to get a hold on it now. I made a lot of bad financial decisions my last year of high school & first few years of college and I am having to pay for it now. I wish you the best of luck! Enjoy your year & Congratulations on being a senior :)

Anonymous said...

Nooooo, no experience with this I'm afraid. because I was homeschooled, and seriously since I never wanted to go to collage, when I was done (at long last) it didn't scare me, I was happy enough to go get drunk...:D

My thoughts.. however :) I'm very happy for you, and believe me, even if I didn't experience leaving school, in other ways I know what you're going through.. it's happy, and sad. and when you come right down to it.. you don't really want to leave.
Just keep your future ahead of you, and believe you can, and will do anything.. no matter what!
what.. exactly are you going to collage for, if you don't mind the random Q?!
love ya!