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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Youth group//Did you know...

that I used to always go to my youth group every weekend, without fail?
that I hated missing youth group because I didn't want to miss seeing my amazing youth group leaders?
that I really love my old youth group leaders?

Recently, things have been kind of falling apart.. Youth group has went from 30 kids a week, to just ten.
At first, I didn't understand. We still had a youth group; though Mel and Kev weren't there, it was still youth group.
Now.. I understand. I'm almost in the same position.

A lot of people are disappointed in everyone leaving.. they don't know why everyone's leaving though.
I do.

Melanie and Kevin: they were amazing. they cared. they loved us. they were meant to be youth leaders.

Our new youth leader: He's not a bad guy... I just don't think he knows how to work with teenagers. He is close to about six of the teens. The rest of us are just kind of... there.

And we've also had three helpers for quite a while (using letters instead of names): X, Y, and Z.
I love X. This person is there when I need to talk. I don't really talk to Z, but I still like him/her. And Y..well, I've just been having some issues with him/her with the past few months.
But they were ours.

Melanie and Kevin left August 1st of last year. That's when our new leader took over. X left about a month ago because he/she had two jobs (one of which didn't end until the middle of youth group).  Now, Y and Z are leaving. This Sunday is their last day.

X had a legitimate reason. Y and Z, I don't really believe they do.
And it hurts.
After promises and promises that "we won't leave; we won't leave," ..... what happened to that? What happened to being there for us?

And now we're getting a new youth leader, for the girls. I have nothing against her personally.
I don't know her very well. I don't think I've ever had a conversation with her. How am I supposed to go from wanting to share my prayer requests there because I know and trust all of them, to sharing with her, who I barely know?
I can't. We've had two weeks with both Y&Z and the new leader. That's not enough time. When we got our two girl helpers before, Melanie was there for us to talk to while we got to know them. Now..we have no one.
I feel like we were just kind of an afterthought, honestly. This hurts. You don't even know how badly../:

I just want youth group back to the way it used to be.


still being [molly] said...

i know what you mean - change can be so hard. but sometimes God uses change to help us grow. I know that it can be tough to miss your old youth group leaders, but maybe the new ones stepping in, and this new, new one that's on her way in, may have a different story to tell. they may help you connect with the other kids in your youth group on a different level, and connect with the Lord on a different level. use this change as a growth opportunity - maybe it's an opportunity for you to grow even more in your faith and perhaps even step up and take on somewhat of a leadership role yourself. i only know the little bit of information you described in your post here, but i think your heart is definitely in the right place. i'll be praying for y'all!

Melanie {adorkable} said...

I'm so sad, Brooke. I am blessed to know you saw mine and Kevin's passion for youth ministry--it inspires me to carry on in this line of work--that it's what we're supposed to do!

I am praying. I think it will take some time to get used to S leading you girls, but it will work out.

Brittany said...

Oh goodness Brooke. What a sad situation :( My dad has been a youth pastor for 17 years. 15 of of those years have been in the same church. It is VERY hard to find that same quality in other churches. It is very typical that youth pastors go from church to church. We have had many different youth leaders throughout that time though. It is very hard to transition to new leadership. Not only are the staff having to get used to working with each other, but they are also getting to know the teens. On top of that, like you said, it's hard for you guys to get used to it. You won't be a big happy family overnight. It takes time. It takes dedication from leadership. Having a successful youth ministry is tough. Youth groups go through their own seasons just like churches do. There are times when there will be plenty of teens in the group and other times when there are only a handful. Each one is unique and different. Especially at the stage of life that you are in, youth group is so important. Mine went through similar changes when I was in my last two years of high school. It seemed like the core of the group was off during their own thing after we had all been together for so long. We had done everything together. So I do understand how you feel! Praying for you!!

b said...

Brooke, Brooke, Brooke.
You and I have already had an extremely long conversation on this.

I will continue to pray over all of you as you get used to yet another leadership change. It takes time, but it'll get there. Don't give up, my dear!

Love you,