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Friday, May 4, 2012


Kind of awesome...
After my post all about kittens yesterday,
my stepmom sends a picture of a kitten.
...It's ours.
I'm happy.
I have a kitty! :D
My sister wanted to name it Jaguar, so we did. :-)
It's so, so cute.
It's gray, and only six weeks old!!
It's not letting me post the picture though! :-(
But I'm so, so happyyy! :-)

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

that's soooo wonderful about you guy's kitty! man, and you only *just* blogged about cats, wow.. that's really something :)
yeah I'll bet you're happy lol.
wanna trade me? I'll get your kitty and you can have one of my lambs, you can even name it! how's that? :D
Jaguar is a cool name... when we had about a billion cats when I was younger we thought up some pretty weird names, and some really sweet ones too, Tigger was one, Panther was another.. but I don't think we ever had a Jaguar. your lil sister has good tastes!

and yeah, I just hijacked your puppy post to talk about cats, sorry!
maybe now you'll get a puppy?! keep blogging lol. what would you name one if you had the chance??

Beverly said...

I loveeeeeee puppies!! Wish my two dogs stayed as puppies just a lil while longer!

congrats on getting a new kitty :)