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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

last night.

so yesterday...
after school, me and Steven were supposed to hang out... and then there's Ashleigh... :)
But it's all good, cause I didn't have to go to my grandma's alone.

But then, when my mom came and got us, she made us carry a shelf down the stairs so we could have a shelf to put all of our movies on it. {we have WAY too many} they didn't fit. :(

so we went to Big Lots. this didn't go as planned. we barely looked at shelves. we didn't get one. then, my mom was looking at movies {while we were trying to find a shelf because WE HAVE TOO MANY MOVIES} so me and Ashleigh decided to hide from my mom. then, we started playing "Ninja Pro," as Ashleigh calls it. aka running around the store, hiding from my mom, while she wasn't actually trying to find us. quite fun. :-) it was amazing, actually.

then came Wal-Mart. {also, Ashleigh likes talking in this demon voice she does...} so, we're walking around, playing with cameras, being random. then Ashleigh starts talking in her demon voice every time someone walks by us. pretty stinking great. then we decide, hey, we should link arms and spin in circles as we walk. yeah, that was dangerous. we almost fell, several times.

oh and I should mention that Ashleigh was wearing a headband with panda ears on it. the. whole. time.

but yeah, fun night. :D

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