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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

important stuff.

SO today I actually have something to say that's kind of important. Lol :-)

I wanna talk about depression.

This is really serious, and it's taken a lot of people's lives, mostly teenagers (OUR age!).
I know so many people who have battled depression, or still are.

It's a difficult thing to get through, and I know this personally. Me, some of my best friends, adults I'm very close to... It's horrible.

People wonder why people get depressed or anything, but they don't realize how much impact their words have. If you say something rude or hurtful to someone struggling with depression, that could be a huge thing in their head. They could obsess over one thing you say, when you don't even realize you said it.

Whether you realize it or not, if that person kills themself, you could be a reason for it and I know no one wants to live with that.

So please, be careful with what you say, because you NEVER know what that person is going through.

and if you are struggling wuith depression, just know that there's always someone out there to talk to, even me.
and check out this blog, because once we get it going, it really could help you (or at least we hope so!).
You Matter Too. Sidenote:: sorry for the deisgn and the craziness:: we're working on it!!

I love you all! <3

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