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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog Party!

Random Blog Party!

1. What is your favorite blog???
2. What is your favorite book (or one of your favorite books =)
3. Do you design your own blog or do you get someone to do it for you???
I designed my own, but I'm looking for someone to do mine. :)
4. What is your favorite chore???
5. How often do you blog???
 I try to everyday!
6. What is your favorite color???
Gray or pink. :)
7. What do you post about most???
Random life stuff.
8. How many Giveaways have you won???
3, but 2, I couldn't get online to claim it, and the other one never got to me. :(
9. What is your favorite movie???
10.Do you like Dogs or Cats better???
Cats! :)
11. What is your favorite song???
12. Say one random thing about youself
From Everyday Emma's blog! :)


Emma Margaret said...

Thanks so much for doing my blog party!!! I love the color pink!

Emma Margaret said...

BTW do you have a way for me to follow you on blogger or do you only do face book???