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Thursday, January 19, 2012

my new obsession.

this band is literally my new obsession. they are amazing, and have some amazing songs!
the band is called Kill Paradise.
they have a lot of really good songs {Beautiful Colors, Radio Arcade, CandyLand Wedding, Fall From A Star, and Miracle}.

If you haven't heard them, you should listen to them!
I posted the lyrics to Fall From A Star on my Song of the Day blog here!

got any other cool, not as known bands? let me know! :)


Sarah said...

I am in LOVE with them! Seriously, I love their music. One of my absolute favorite bands is Swimming with Dolphins. You should check them out!

Elisabeth said...

just found your blog from hollies link up and i'm your newest follower!
i'd love for you to follow me back :)