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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


CONGRESS IS CONSIDERING A LAW THAT WOULD CENSOR THE WEB. While that might sound like a good thing...IT'S NOT! These proposed regulations could destroy businesses (like ebay, and Craigslist) and blogs (like mine and yours), social networks (like Facebook and Twitter), search engines (like Google), sites with valuable information (like Wikipedia -which is supporting the blackout today!

Seriously... if a child in your home were to sing a copyrighted song and you put it on your blog, according to these new regulations, you could be shut down or sued! These proposed regulations not only wouldn't keep piracy from happening - but it would destroy the internet as we know it! 

Please watch this video to understand the issue better - and then take action to help support the fight against this new legislation!

On the Tuesday 24th January 2012, the US Senate will vote on the internet censorship bill. Let's tell them VOTE NO!!

Sign the petition here:
Tell Congress: Don't Censor the Web

And if you want to go further and call your representative - you can start here!

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