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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Old friends.

This one's gunna be a post about my life-- not clothes.

So lately, I've really been thinking about my old friends, and how many I've lost.
Another thing? How to get them back.

I miss my friends.
I really, really miss them.

Which is why when I got a comment on a status on Facebook from an old best friend, it made my day. This girl and me, we were inseperable. No joke. We did everything together. We knew everything about each other. She's the one who brought me to youth group for the first time. At one point, my mom was considering letting her live with us (which is huge because my mom would never let that happen).

So anyways, we texted for another three hours.
And she's said that the only way we'll be friends is if I apologize, in person.
Which I've refused to do for months. I just don't do that.

I asked her to wait for me after fourth hour today.
So I can apologize.
This is big, guys.
I don't do this.
But I miss her, more than most of the other friends I've lost.
So I'm doing it, regardless of what I've done in the past.


Anonymous said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, I could have written this post.. with a few small changes of course :)

I feel your pain, from somebody who knows what it truly feels like. but I admire you so much for what you did! to make that first step, even when you're not exactly sure about it.. to hold out your hand first, to let go of your pride and apologize.. that's BIG! you should feel very proud of yourself!

I'm happy there was a chance for you two to make up, so many people just don't get that.. there is no chance for them, they're just lost to each other after that...
I hope you guys become all that you were, and more <3

~Brooke said...

Thanks, but sadly, I didn't end up seeing her that day, and haven't had a chance to talk with her about this.

Anonymous said...

well crap.
I hope you can soon, I wish everything will go smoothly too, that would make me so happy to hear, lemme know if you can... and want to of course..
love you!

~Brooke said...

Thanks!! (:

~Brooke said...

Hey, just wanted to update you. I never did apologize to her, because she has posted things about me on websites (tumblr), including a picture, calling me two-faced.