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Friday, March 30, 2012

High Five For Friday- Winterjam!

High Five for Friday!  --  post-Winterjam edition ;-)
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1. Building 429.<3 They played Where I Belong-- my jam. ;-)
2. Newsong.<3 I don't like the song 'Arise My Love' but they are so amazing live that I actually liked it. And they played 'The Same God' :D

3. Kari Jobe.<3 She played Revelation Song (in my opinion, one of the greatest worship songs!!)
4. Sanctus Real.<3 They are great. His voice live is...<3. 'The Redeemer' was played. Brooke's day was made. (haha, that rhymed :D)
5. And, of course, last, but never least:: Skillet! This is the only band I know that could have tons of people head-banging and jumping up and down, then, a minute later, in tears. (btw-- the tears were b/c of 'The Last Night') They played about 8 or so songs-- and I knew all of them and was screaming the lyrics (surprisingly, I still have my voice today!!):: Whispers in the Dark, Those Nights, The Last Night, Awake and Alive, Hero, Comatose, Monster, and Rebirth. I love them!

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Anonymous said...

Heh-he! I... um. I don't know these bands, but this was still a great post! I love high fives :)