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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winterjam 2012.

That, my lovely followers, is going to be my entire day after school.
School ends,
Me, Steven, Tyler, and Dusty are getting picked up by my mom,
We're stopping at home,
and then going up to EMU.

Don't know what Winterjam is??
Well, either check out their website,, or I can explain it!
It's a Christian music concert, 10 bands, 10 dollars.
And it's tonight.

The bands?
We As Human
Popluar Song:: I Stand.
For King and Country
Popular Song:: Busted Heart.
Dara Maclean
Popular Songs:: Free; Suitcases.
Group 1 Crew
Popular Songs:: Forgive Me; Live It Up.
Building 429
Popular Songs:: Where I Belong; Listen to the Sound.
Kari Jobe
Popular Songs:: We Are; Revelation Song.
Peter Furler
Popular Songs:: Reach; I'm Alive.
Sanctus Real
Popular Songs:: Forgiven; Lead Me; Redeemer.
Popular Songs:: The Same God; The Way You Smile; When God Made You.

Andddd.... *drumrolllllll*
Popular Songs:: Monster; Comatose; Awake and Alive; Hero.

Can you tell I'm excited??
Do you SEE this?!
I. Cannot. Wait.
Like, seriously.
I'm so excited.
Skillet is one of my top favorite bands. :-)

Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

If I was going to see my favorites I wouldn't even be able to blog about it making any sense whatsoever.. not even to save my life :D
Hope you had the bestest time!