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Friday, March 30, 2012

Frivolous Friday!

How I treat myself?

Well, usually it's a little something like this::
Check recent statuses, post a status, creep on best friends/boyfriend.
Then once that gets boring,
I read a bazillion tweets, and retweet quite a few of them.
I check up on recent posts, see if I have waiting-to-be-approved comments, enter giveaways...
Most of this will be while listening to music, such as my favorite band...
Which I love oh-so-very-much.
And then, I'd probably sit there and play around with my pictures (:
I <3 Photoshop! :D

{link-up to this blog}


Anonymous said...

you do the neatest linkups Brooke! I can't wait to copy you and do some of these too :)
Not that my Friday's are really frivolous.. ('course after a certain person gets off work I usually have a lot of fun lol,) but still.. :)
It's still a lot of fun... I guess I just love linkups!
Have a great Friday night hun.

Lish said...

Thanks so much for linking up Brooke! My 'me' time involves all of the above on a daily basis too, hehe!!!! Hope to see you back at the end of the month for another link up! :D