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Monday, February 3, 2014

The college diaries {the sixth}

This week for the college diaries, I decided to wait until today to do it so that I could share about my amazing weekend!

True Believers Tour

Friday night, I went to Eastern Michigan University to see David Nail, Eli Young Band, and Darius Rucker!

David Nail definitely rocked even with very few songs. He's a great artist and his lyrics are just fantastic. He's super fun in concert!
Eli Young Band never fails to be amazing! (I've seen them before!!) Crazy Girl played live is just... love. Haha. But really, they put on an amazing show and I loved seeing them again!
However much I don't like Darius Rucker's music, I was pleasantly surprised when he came on. He was wearing a baseball cap which was just really cool and his voice is actually authentic, meaning he sounds almost exactly like he does edited!
I didn't manage to get many pictures but here's the best one I took {apparently I didn't take any of DN or DR}:
Eli Young Band

As you can tell, we had horrible seats but I didn't really care. I got to see a great concert with my boy!

The Roadshow

Saturday night, I went to another concert!!
This time, it was The Roadshow {a Christian music concert with 10 bands-- $10!!!} with my absolute FAVORITE band-- Skillet! I also got to go with Steven to this one too, but Dusty & Dom {two of my best friends} also came.
I've now seen Skillet six times!
But anyways, we didn't make it in time for a few bands but we made most!

Vertical Church Band was pretty good! I wasn't paying much attention during their set because they just weren't my favorite but from what I heard, they were good.

Royal Tailor rocked, as always! I've seen them quite a few times now and though I'm sad they didn't play my favorite song by them, they put on a great show and they're seriously SO FUN. I love them!

Andy Mineo was so awesome too! This was my first time seeing him and I was totally blown away by how good he was! He is a great performer!!

Jamie Grace was also there, but I don't particularly like her anyways so while she played, my friends and I walked around the venue and got some food.

Third Day was next and while I don't really like their music, they have a couple good songs that I can enjoy and they were pretty decent. 

Third Day

Last but not least...



Skillet always puts on the best show and they never let me down on that. They played so many of their songs, though I was quite a bit disappointed when they went off-stage without playing Rise or Comatose, two of their most popular songs. But between John's crazy dancing, Korey's awesome guitar, Seth's amazing bass, the violin, the cello, and my favorite, Jen's drumming, you can't go wrong. I absolutely love every time I see them in concert! 

I only got pictures of Third Day and Skillet and they weren't even super great, but it was too awesome of an experience to be worried about the pictures!
These weekend could not have been better!

I advise you that if either the True Believers tour or the Roadshow tour is near you, GO!!!

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