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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Four Things

I found this post on Kimberly's site and I loved the idea, so I decided to try it!

Four nicknames:

  1. Brookie: I've had this since I was little. Mostly family. Sometimes friends when they're being annoying.
  2. Barookacka: My friend Alisha & I started adding syllables to everyone's name one day in high school, and a bunch of the nicknames still stuck: mine, Alishasha (Alisha), Jennanana (Jenna), Kaylala (Kayla) Ashaley (Ashley), etc. We're strange.
  3. Fancy Pants: I was over a friend's house one day wearing some bright blue skinny jeans and his dad (he's basically one of us though) looked at my pants and decided my new name was Fancy Pants and that stuck with a few of them. It was also my Twitter name for a very long time.
  4. Brooker Hooker: I am so serious, two of my little cousins started calling me this while I was babysitting one day and I made the mistake of telling one of my friends and they like to tell everyone when they have the chance.

Four Things in My Bag:

  1. Ibuprofen: I occasionally have mom-like traits, like carrying around ibuprofen and tampons and pads with me in case anyone needs any.
  2. Quarters: I have a pocket in my purse specifically for quarters. No pennies, nickels, or dimes. Just quarters. The life of living in an apartment building and having to use laundry mats. 
  3. Movie tickets: I save all of my movie tickets, and as of right now, I probably have somewhere around 30 from the past two years in my purse. On the back of each, I wrote who I saw it with in case I'm wondering stupid things like that.
  4. A gross, disgusting mixture: In one pocket of my purse, I made the mistake of leaving a pop-tart in it... Well, that broke, and there were crumbs everywhere. But I forgot about it. Then some friends and I went one a road trip and stayed in a hotel. We all took the little soaps and whatever. I put the conditioner in my purse... It broke open. It mixed with the pop-tart crumbs and made a disgusting goo that has crumbs in my $150 purse. I still have no idea how to clean that out, so I avoid that pocket at all costs.

Four movies I've watched more than once:

First, I would like to say, oh dear god, I have seen like every movie I've ever seen at least three times. How do I decide?!
  1. All of the Fast & Furious movies: Seriously, the greatest movie series ever. I have a deep love for every one of these movies. I've heard people say it's just some stupid movies about cars and half-naked girls and I absolutely despise that description. They are about family, loyalty, and maybe a liiiittle bit of cars. However, I know literally nothing about cars and I still absolutely adore these movies.
  2. Without A Paddle: If you haven't seen it, do it. Shaggy from the real people version movies of Scooby Doo, a hot guy, and a tiny little awkward guy are all in it, and it makes for a really entertaining movie surrounding a great storyline: three friends go on a camping trip that their now dead friend planned for them before he died. There are so many hilarious parts.
  3. Big Daddy: Early Adam Sandler movie. The best. I used to watch this every night as a kid. My boyfriend and our other roommate and I always make references to this movie while grocery shopping. Microsoft went down three points.
  4. Coyote Ugly: My guilty pleasure movie. Don't judge me for this, it's about a girl who moves to New York to become a songwriter and ends up working in a bar while gaining the confidence to become a singer and it's so great.

Four favorite drinks:

  1. Mountain Dew: Can I use this for all four? Because I drink waaay too much Mountain Dew. 
  2. Blue Kinky: I hate almost all alcohol besides a few and this is one of the only ones I like.
  3. Cherry Coke: The second best pop ever.
  4. Rum Chata: Liquid Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The best.

Four random things I'm thinking about:

  1. How much I love Sundays. My boyfriend has the chance of working any other day of the week, and he switches days around all the time so I never know what days he's actually working or not, but Sundays, his work is closed. It's my favorite day.
  2. What movies to watch when I wake him up. He's napping right now, but when I'm done with this post, I have to wake him up so we can finish our movie day (which, so far, has been a Weeds binge watching day).
  3. How hot our apartment is. Or maybe it's not actually hot and I'm just overheating. Either way, I'm uncomfortable.
  4. I should make brownies.

Four places I've travelled:

  1. San Diego, CA: Seriously the best place ever.
  2. Marquette, MI: I love going up north. It's beautiful. The UP of Michigan is amazing.
  3. Cumberland Falls, KY: Such a beautiful place.
  4. Delaware: It sounds lame, but my mom's work paid for her to have an apartment there because she was working there four days a week, and I went for a week last year and had her super expensive apartment to myself all day. It was heaven.

Four places I've lived:

I didn't move much until the past couple years (lived in the same apartment with my mom from age 6-18), so I'll just do after that.
  1. Great house in Monroe, MI: My mom and I lived in a nice and big house (4 bedrooms for the two of us and our two cats) for about a year, mostly while I was at college, so I wasn't there much but still.
  2. My grandma's in LaSalle, MI: It was a change going from always living in town to living 15 minutes from town in the country with no phone reception. I lived there for about six months (though I literally was not there for three months of that- couch hopping my friends' houses/the occasional night of sleeping in a friend's car or a hotel room besides we had money and wanted to adventure).
  3. A friend's house in Monroe: I moved in with my boyfriend who lived with a friend of ours and our friend's dad for about three months. 
  4. Our new apartment: We moved in here on my birthday (Feb. 14th- yes, Valentines Day). I'm so happy we have an apartment now.

Four TV shows I'm currently watching

  1. Friends: I've loved this show for year but haven't seen every episode so I started it on Netflix and I'm on season five now.
  2. Breakout Kings: My boyfriend and I started this together and it's a really exciting show! I believe we're on season two.
  3. Weeds: My boyfriend and I also started this together (yesterday) and we're on season two now. We have a problem with watching one show a time, we get bored of binge watching.
  4. Orange is the New Black: I finished both season on Netflix last summer, but season three will be out June 12th and I'm so excited!

Four things I'm excited for this year:

  1. Road trip: My boyfriend and another couple we're really good friends with are going on a trip to the other side of Michigan sometime soon!
  2. Hopefully getting a kitten: I love cats and I get to get a ginger kitten once I have a steady paycheck!
  3. A great job: I just recently started a great job, cleaning houses. I only work about one day a week right now, so that's disappointing and I'm not making much money right now, but once I start getting my own houses to clean (because I'm still technically training right now), I'll be working more and I'll have money finally.
  4. OITNB Season Three: Did I say this already? Oops.
I had a lot of fun with this post. If you do it too, leave your link in the comments!

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Kellys Reality said...

Hey fellow Michigander! I was excited to see your posts about the Michigan trips you've taken. Im dying to get back up to Macinac Island and Treverse City this summer hopefully :)