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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Arbor love.

Spring Arbor University

Have you ever heard of SAU? Odds are, you haven't.
I have, however. Spring Arbor is actually where I go to school! 
I blog about college a lot, so I thought I'd give you some insight into this beautiful place.

Just by looking at that picture, I'm sure you can tell that our campus is gorgeous!
That clock is the most significant landmark on campus: the Clock Tower. It even has it's own Facebook

Fun facts about SAU for you:
  • There are only about 2,000 students at SAU. Five dorms. Three girl dorms, two guys.
  • That being said, we have a 3:2 ratio of girls to guy {plus side for you guys out there}.
  • We have this statue called the Jesus Reactor on campus. It used to be a fountain... until people put jello mix and bubbles in it.
  • The Cougar Den is the main hangout on campus. There isn't really anywhere else to hangout, but it has pool, foosball, air hockey, ping pong, and food. So really, win-win.
  • Being in a relationship at SAU isn't exactly uncommon. SAU is big on "community" which basically means spending lots of times with other people. It's not shocking to anyone come Freshman Dating Season {October-December} when you see about 485 new relationship statuses come up on Facebook. 
  • There are three things people say about relationships at SAU: "Ring by Spring" being the most common. That basically tells you how many people get engaged during their time at SAU {basically all of them}. Next up, "Don't drink the water." Rumor says that if you drink the water, you will get married soon. So far, I have seen this to be false. I have a relationship and I have yet to drink the water here. My friends that have remain to be single. Lastly, "Guys go to SAU to get their degree, girls go to get their MRS." So there you have it. SAU loves love.
Spring Arbor really is a great school. I love being here. 
It's a super small campus: maybe a ten minute walk from the fieldhouse {the back-most part of campus} to the church {across the street from the front of campus}. It's a nice thing. 
If you want to see some fun things from SAU students: check out these pages...
  • Spring Arbor Compliments: anonymous compliments from one student to another.
  • Overheard at SAU: random things people overhear from SAU students.
  • SAU Confessions: some of the weirdest things you'll ever see, confessions from SAU students.
  • SAU We Find Them For You: our "dating page, run by yours truly along with two friends. Complete sarcasm intended with this page. 
  • SAU Probs: they retweet all of SAU's students' tweets with the hashtag #SAUProbs. 
  • SAU Crushes: occasionally posts anonymous crushes made by students, but mostly just things about love here at SAU.
Can you tell we're big on relationships yet?

But that, in a nutshell, is my college.


Brienne Peers said...

Hey Brooke! I just found your blog through the Her Campus blogger network :) I am from Michigan as well! So excited to find another Michigan college blogger!

Brie @

Hannah said...

Hey! I love that you're talking about Spring Arbor! I'm a Michigan girl who goes to Bethel College in Indiana, another fun Christian school! I'd love to chat it up :)