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Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 5: Three years ago today.

I was getting ready for my amazing wonderful 13th birthday party&planning like crazy.
Pizza making party at Marcos Pizza.
Spending the night at a hotel with 5 of my best friends (Ashley, Katie, Amber, Alyssa, & Taylor<3).
3. Tier. Cake.
Cute boys swimming ;)

It was amazing. :)

p.s. if you didn't notice- I didn't do the 'featured favorite' yesterday. I'm only doing it once every two weeks now!!

p.p.s. tonight is the Rock and Worship Roadshow at Eastern Michigan University-- mercyme, Tenth Avenue North, Sidewalk Prophets, Lecrae, Disciple, & The Rend Collective Experiment... emphasis on mercyme, TAN, Sidewalk Prophets & Disciple (;

p.p.p.s check out {this blog}


Anonymous said...

Awwww! how sweet :) I wish with all my heart I would have had such an awesome 13th party... it's so.. amazing? I mean yeah it's just an age.. but to me it was so much more than that!
it was a step into another world.. being 13 is a start to something wonderful and when you celebrate it as such.. it's like seeing a smile every morning when you get outta bed, helps you have a better day kwim? having an awesome 13th is just like that! a great start to a great rest of your life! into the wonderful world of a teenager :) at least I think so!
I've never had a party, much less for a birthday.. so I love to hear about yours :) thank you!

Anonymous said...

ok, ugh. I'm having a complete bonehead moment, but you're 16 now? and you'll turn 17.. tomorrow? or when?
what are you planning THIS time? whatever it is you know you haffta get a lot of pictures.. pretty please?
yeah, you haffta!

~Brooke said...

Haha, no, I'm 15, I'll be 16 on Valentines Day(: and this year my mom is taking me and 8 friends out to dinner & ice cream, then there's a surprise, then we're hanging out at my house :)

Anonymous said...

Aw really? that's SO cool! I always wanted to be born on Valentines day.. how sweet!
Super: thanks soo much for telling me all about your birthday plans, it sounds so fun.. yeah. like I'd love to BE there (does it matter that I've never even met you?)
Promise you'll get lots of pictures? 'cause it's the only way I get to be on the fun :)
have the best one ever!

~Brooke said...

No prob! :) &I can't load pics, remember?

Anonymous said...

well crap. don't you have a home computer?