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Thursday, February 23, 2012

ah, freshmen.

So normally, I hate freshmen.
HATE them.
with a deep, burning hatred.

There's actually quite a few I like now. :-)

My Jayme! She's adorable and I've known her for three years and she's super sweet (:
Alan, my best friend's brother.
Saige and Tessa, two girls from the journalism class that's in our third hour.
Megan and Katie, my boyfriend's cousins.

It's really shocking that I actually like them, because almost all of the other freshmen...
I swear sometimes, they could be Satan's spawn.

So I started this year off as 'I hate freshmen, I hate freshmen, I hate freshmen. They get worse every year.'

And the last part is true.

But I'm finding more and more throughout the year that I like. :-).... Even if Megan did write me a 43 question long questionnaire ;-)

So yes, that is all.

Moral of the story: I no longer hate freshmen, thanks to the people up there ^^^ :-)


Elisha(: said...

YAAY!!! :D 'cuz im a freshmen.

~Brooke said...

No way! You seem so much older!! Lol :-)