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Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm sorry, I haven't blogged since like... Wednesday or something.
I miss it.
I'm sorry.
Anyways, I have updates!

-I promise I willl do a 'featured favorite' post THIS THURSDAY.
-Me and Steven have now been together for four months, officially, as of the 10th and over a year, on and off, as of the 23rd.
-I did NOT go to Winterfest , the dance at our school. (Let's not talk about that, though.)
-My birthday party is in 5 days! :D

anyways, that is all.

love you all!


Elisha(: said...


Anonymous said...

*smile* I love your updates, thanks Brooke it's great to hear from you!
I'm sorry that the dance wasn't graced with your presence, but I'm way happy about Steven and you, He's so lucky to be the man who gets to hold you close! And of course glad that your party will be in a few days :)
Since today is your actual birthday I want to wish you the very very best, I hope this year blows every single expectation out of the water!
And I hope you felt very special and loved today :)