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Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy with problems.

Despite all of the drama going on around me, involving almost everyone close to me besides the girls, I've realized how proud I am of me and Steven. We started our relationship good, but after a while, it was filled with drama, people got involved, and everything went crappy. We've learned not to listen, and we're a lot better.
But there's a line you have to make.
When you bend over backwards, and change yourself, for a boyfriend or girlfriend, it's getting to be too much.
There's a couple relationships in particular that are really just pissing me off lately, but that's not the point.
The point is that you do NOT need to change for a relationship. Friendship, or otherwise.
If you're a person I'm talking about and you're reading this, I'm sorry, but it's true. You don't need to change. You don't need to be someone you're not. You need to be YOU, not what they want.
Anyways, all of this going on is really making me realize that I have an amazing relationship, wonderful, real friends, and we don't have to change for anyone. <3 If we have a disagreement, we talk. We don't talk behind each other's backs. We don't yell at them. We talk.
That's why I love my friends.
That's why I love my boyfriend.
That's why I'm happy, despite all of the drama around me. :)

Love you all!

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