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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 more days.

Hey, so guess what.
In one week,
from today,
it will be..
Valentine's Day.
But no, that is not why I am excited.
Also in one week
from today,
my birthday.
my. sixteenth. birthday.
Yeah, can you tell I'm excited?!

This song fits well..
I miss Hilary Duff.

I. am. excited!
Also, my birthday party dinner shall be fun, as long as everyone comes.
Alisha B, Abby Y, Ashleigh J, Jenna O, Steven V, Dusty G, David B, and Brian E. :)

Alright, I am now done rambling about my birthday.

on a sidenote:: The lovely Grace designed my blog! Do you like it?


Elisha(: said...

eeeekkk!!! 16!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

YAY! *squeals*
that's so exciting.. you must be absolutely glowing right now :) I know I would be!
OH yeah, gotta love that song, it's so special! aw, but I love it when you ramble, do it anytime you want, I'll always read it I promise.. and I certainly hope all your 'besties' show up :)
side note here: love love love your new blog look, it's so cool!
I think one of my favorite things is your picture along the sidebar :) so lovely!

~Brooke said...

@Elisha~ I know! :D
@Kate~ Haha I knoww! &why, thank yaa(: