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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

20 wishes in 2014.

my 20 wishes for 2014.

{this is part of a link-up}

Truly Lovely

What are 20 Things you want to accomplish in 2014?

  1. Get my tattoo for my birthday!
  2. Go to at least five of my planned seven concerts {yes, I love concerts!}
  3. Get & use a blogging calendar!
  4. Go on the road trip I'm planning with a couple of my best friends!
  5. Get my belly button pierced!
  6. Get at least all A's & B's for a semester!
  7. Have a summer job!
  8. Keep up my College Diaries posts every Friday!
  9. Get my blog to 5,000 views in a month!
  10. Complete at least five of my bucket list goals!
  11. Throw a party for someone of some sort!
  12. Treat three friends to a movie!
  13. Set up a blogging schedule!
  14. Make dinner for someone!
  15. Buy one random "Because I Love You" present for someone!
  16. Have a "typical" girls night- face masks, nail painting, boy talk!
  17. Finish two books!
  18. Become more active with the blogs I'm following!
  19. Pass every class!
  20. Make two new {close} friends!
What do you want to accomplish?


Jerica Berner said...

I love concerts too! Last year I went to 5. So far I only have 2 planned this year.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

I love your list! 'Can't wait to read updates! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

taylor @ tattooed teacher in texas said...

that's a great list! so exciting! out of curiosity, what are you planning for your tattoo?

Tanay Michele said...

alot of your blogging goals are mine also! love your blog its really cute =)

Danica Bridges-Martin said...

I almost got a tattoo when I was your age, now that I'm older I am so glad I didn't! Just can't picture that big fairy tattoo fitting in with my life now.
:) Danica

Kassi Mortensen said...

So glad you joined us for our 20 Wishes Project Brooke!!! Planning a surprise party for someone is on my list of wishes too! Fun fun!!!