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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top ten Twitter accounts that don't spam {much}

I really love Twitter and I love tweeting, but the one thing I can't stand is seeing spam tweets. They are the most annoying thing in the world. Like, the second someone I follow starts retweeting a bunch of those spam things or starts doing it themselves, unless I love the page, I unfollow it that minute.

So I figured I'd get together a list of my top ten favorite Twitter accounts that don't spam {or rarely spam}.

  1. @AgainstSuicide run by Carrie Shade. Her Twitter account is great-- she's a very supportive page and her tweets are great, not just for anyone that is depresses or struggling with depression; I mean for everyone. 
  2. @CollegeStudent: this page is seriously the most accurate representation of a college student's thoughts. They post some things that may be "spammy" but they're normally for websites that can actually benefit college kids {like Sumpto, etc.}. 
  3. @TacoBell: I mean, really, who doesn't want to follow Taco Bell? They're quite entertaining.
  4. @CauseWereClassy: I love, love, love their tweets & they're so sweet!
  5. @SassyGirlsProbs: any girl that is sassy in the slightest {ok, every girl} needs to follow them. They posts great tweets & all of their retweets are from really great pages too! They very rarely will retweet links that look like spam but are actually to Cosmo's website, so it's not "bad."
  6. @SincerelyTumblr: they post the funniest tweets! I love this page!
  7. @Collegefession: first of all, make sure you have the REAL one! There's like five that all look like the right name but if you look at the URL, you'll see that their lowercase L's are actually I's. Anyways, they post confessions from college kids {mostly relating to sex, many others about drinking-- be careful with this one}.
  8. @Southern_Voices: they post a lot of really great lyrics to country songs, from just about every area of country music!
  9. @SteveStfler: parody account of Steve Stiffler from American Pie but they're totally unrelated. They post hilarious tweets and they're fantastic.
  10. @JudgeGirlProbs: she's hilarious & I love her tweets! :)

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