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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things You May Not Know About Me {as of lately}

I realized that I haven't given many updates about my life lately & new things about myself.

So here's fifteen things {new or old} you may not know about me.

Look, it's me!

1. I'm a little bit addicted to social media. Twitter is by favorite the most addicting. {@brooketriciaa} I use Facebook to keep up on my friends mostly. I also love Pinterest, Tumblr, and Blogger {obvi.}.
2. I am a college freshman at a Christian college in Michigan and I'm majoring in youth ministry.
This is my collage from the first week of school!
Pictures from a concert, McDonald's & piling eight people into our car.

3. Last semester, I had four classes. I failed three and got a C in the fourth. My GPA is a 0.5 right now...
4. A few friends and I are going to be applying to start our own chapter of Her Campus soon!
5. I'm in the process of partnering my blog with the Her Campus blogger network as well as Studentrate {fingers crossed, guys}.
6. When I was a sophomore in high school, I started dating a guy named Steven {he's been mentioned on her quite a bit} and we've broken up a few times, but we are together again and {knock on wood} have been doing so, so, so much better and haven't gotten in any actual arguments this time.
Aren't we adorable? :)

7. My friends are my world, ask anyone & they'll tell you. I will bend over backwards for my close friends because they've all done so much for me.

Between those pictures, those are my best friends!
Abby, Liz, me, Caitlin, Alisha, Ashleigh, Cassie
Antonio, Dom, & Dusty

8. I go to a lot of concerts and it is literally my favorite thing. Seriously. I've seen my favorite band {Skillet} five times so far and in February, I'll be seeing them two more times {including second row tickets for one- wooo!} and couldn't be more excited!
9. If there is Mountain Dew around, I will drink it. All of it.
10. I love, love, love The Sims. I've played it since the original Sims. {I cannot wait until Sims 4 comes out next year!}
11. I am very iffy about my opinions on my college right now. It's not at all a bad school, but I don't know if it's the best option for me.
12. At any moment, you can ask me if I'm listening to Spotify and 90% of the time I'm in my room, it's a yes.
13. I'm undecided about what I want to do this summer. There's an internship I really, really want to take, but it's really far away, along with a job away from home and one at home. Decisions, decisions...
14. I've recently started crocheting {apparently that's the 'thing' to do at my college} and I really like it. I just wish I was better at it!
15. I love movies. At my moms house, we have over 300 movies. Netflix has been a good friend of mine. Megashare is now by BFF though. {I'm not condoning illegal movie websites, just saying it's a good resource ;)}.
    So there you go! 15 things you may or may not know about me!

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