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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Have you ever heard of Studentrate?
If not, you will now.

One day, I got a follow on Pinterest from a page called Studentrate and I checked it out. They had some sweet deals for students but what caught my attention was their Pinterest. They had boards for everything I liked. It was awesome. I immediately followed then and soon after, became a pinner on their College Trends board!

Maybe a month or so ago, I saw a Pinterest post about becoming a Studentrate blogger! I was super excited and obviously, I emailed Lindsay {the girl in case of that}.

I was so excited when she told me she'd love for me to be a part of their blogger community! If you're interested, it's super cool! It's basically a partnership: you promote Studentrate, they promote your blog! It's a great opportunity & I'm so excited to be a part of this!

Check our their website with lots of great deals, their Facebook, their Twitter, their Instagram, & of course, their Pinterest!

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